While These Things Were Happening

Locally made in the Byron hinterland by Richard Jones. This modern sculpture feels and looks very much like a classical Roman or Greek bust. When the head emerged from the kiln – the form and face irresistibly reminded him young Roman soldiers in a legion in Gaul.

Latin Inscription: ‘Dum haec geruntur’
Translation: While these things were happening.
Julius Caesar used this phrase several times in his diaries of the Gallic wars.

Both heads are reduction fired and glazed in shino glaze. Shino glaze is an ancient Japanese glaze that changes from white to rust. No other glaze varies so much as it depends on how it is applied, dried, and fired. Richard loves the depth of colour and layering effects that are possible when creating one-of-a-kind pieces like this.

Bust I 200mm H x 180 mm Deep x 150 mm W approx 2.5 kilo
Bust II 250 mm H x 150 mm Deep x 170 mm W approx 1.5 kilo

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