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Creating a eye-catching window is one of the most important tools retailers have. We have the tools to create what you imagine... stylists, artists and other creatives have an eye for detail...a warehouse with amazing light, painted white wooden floors packed full of divine props + authentic pieces and elements that will elevate your photo shoot/window or dress a set. Come and discover our personal secret stash collected over many years now available to use on your next creative adventure click here for 

Private Events | Workshops | Media Launches 
Perhaps you have an idea and are looking for a space or pieces to bring your vision to life, or do you need help with a seasonal concept, installation for an event, launch or themed promotion... 
For those creatives who know what they want but dont know where to get it, find that  "je ne sais quoi" a unique space with in-house stylists, props, floral arrangements & general crafty folk to make it a truly memorable window or occasion. Photo shoot, bespoke events & VIP dinners, product launch ~ Click here


Interior consulting | Old House restorations & renovations | New + Old| 

Like old photos found untouched, a memorable interior takes time to develope.  Just moved in? Need help with an old house or new house - there is nothing more inviting than walking into a space that has a lived in feeling and this is possible in a new home. Create an individual interior that reflects the good folks who lay on the lounge, cook in the kitchen and read under the glow of table lamps... Love old meets new, so do we. Whether you need to help with the whole house, restoration. Need a new lounge, a bed head and want to a achieve a layered, effortless interior
Let us help you create your world with a mix of contemporary and antique finds, layered effects and personal trinkets, along with personalised bespoke pieces as required, all selected with intent and care.