Mixed Tape Collection

Tim Fry's latest body of work draws on memories that are both deeply personal and nostalgic  -- playfully connecting and creating individual ceramic cassettes to memorable music moments that are universal.  Tim makes these cassettes in the old-fashioned manner; from slabs of clay, mostly rolled out with a rolling pin, carved with a steak knife then inscribed with various hand tools before being decorated with a combination of glaze, underglaze, slip, oxide, lustre and tissue transfers.

Choose your favourite ...

Classic Hits – Size:  32 x 26cm  SOLD
Jungle Boogie – Size:  32 x 20cm SOLD
Under The Sea – Size: 30 x 22cm SOLD
Analogue Digital – Size:  30 x 21cm SOLD
Favourite Things – Size: 29 x 20cm SOLD
Why Does My Heart – Size: 33 x 20cm SOLD
Modern Man's Hustle – Size: 28 x 17cm
Royals Blue/Gold  – Size: 31 x 25cm SOLD
Old School Like Soul Food – Size: 35 x 25cm
When Life Gives You Lemons-- Size: 29 x 18 cm SOLD

NB. Please note shipping/collection of antique and art items requires individual quoting. Please contact us for reputable transport carriers or to make arrangements re collection.