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Happy New Year … kinda, sorta ...

We really are the lucky country…

As Europe shivers through winter and Covid resurges - Australians have the good fortune of being in the midst of summer as we tumble into 2021.  Not a bad way to start the New Year 😊

This time of year is all about renewal ... we are meant to be feeling inspired, optimistic and dreamy about what’s around the corner.  But after a year like no other is our sense of hopefulness a little hazy?

I relish these days of idleness between Christmas and New Year -  for me it's a chance to reflect and find some peace in the chaos that was 2020. All that pivoting, zooming, planning, unplanning was exhausting… but there were plenty of good lessons to be found in the year we would all rather forget.

 2020 was the year to learn to let go of a deadline...and really tap into your creative brain.  I read more books, listened to more podcasts.

I was thankful to the local paper for offering wise and wacky POV's of the local and global situation. And then there was Netflix.  Me thinks escapism in any form is a good thing.

Who didn't love nature in 2020. It punctuates our everyday. Whether it is the wonder of local birds and frogs who call our place home or the spectacular walking track of Minyon Falls - this is my saviour, is it yours?

And like so many friends and neighbours we planted and then extended our "doomsday vegie patch" ...something our daughter loved doing (me not so much) !

 As everyone fretted about getting a haircut or to beauty salons it was the year to embrace the ocean every which way. Forget the lotions & potions - get amongst some good ole vitamin D and swim in the sea. It has to be one of the best elixirs on the planet, its free ... and the water positively sparkled. No more cruise ships please ! 

Friendships and work places were reframed via zoom or at kept at arms length when we were face-to-face.  Whilst this took a little getting used to we all learnt  new tricks about communicating.  When Covid took hold and the streets emptied, life in Bryon was as laid back as the 70's. The highlight of the week was a trip to the farmers market and to our friend Dan 😉 (Love a Mac


Household situations altered as families and couples were put to the Covid test.  Like so many people around the world, our household changed when our adult daughter returned home. Lots of lessons here ! 

But now as the year comes to a close we have a stack of memorable moments that will outlive those rather uncomfortable days and times of 2020.

I know you should never say never BUT - its likely that we are never going to see as much of each other ever again :)   

 I like to think that 2020 made time precious as we were forced to drift along with the current state of affairs. I hope that's the joie de vivre that we can all get onboard with in 2021. Happy New Year friends ! 💙

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