Nothing appears at Elements i love... by chance everything is found, restored and saved for a reason. Time worn is how they like their finds, a little like owners & founders Brooke Crowle, chief creative & Tim McGuigan, chief diplomat! Originally established in 2003 as Architectural & Antique Elements the name and the business evolved as much to their love of travel and a desire to source an eclectic mix of antique furniture, architectural antiques & so much more. Years have been spent honing their craft at 'the warehouse' as they quickly established themselves as holding the best collection of antique doors & architectural elements from France, Argentina & India & beyond. Just over 2 years ago a much younger, fresher sister store Elements i love... opened and cast a rather big shadow over the warehouse so like all great serendipitous moments the change was for the better and now we are blah blah albha Never limited by styles, periods or genres – what you will find in both the store and the warehouse is an incredibly personal collection of authentic finds, creations and home wares. Reflecting the couple’s interests the focus is not just antiques but a blending of contemporary design and decorative items that are classic pieces in their own right. In a world full of faux furniture and designer copies it is refreshing to find the genuine article and lots of it. Old & New... Our hope is that at Elements i love… you will discover the pieces that you want to touch, to live with and ultimately want to keep and that’s surely, got to be a good thin Lover of photography, Brooke takes all the blog & instagram pics