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I have this thing for mosaic floors.

My love of mosaic floors started in France but was cemented on our recent trip to Pompeii last year… 
 So when I convinced my other half that we needed a mosaic floor in the entrance of our warehouse in Byron Bay, he kindly got on board & watched me do a happy dance. 
There are many things about our move north that have been serendipitous - but it seems none more so than meeting the lovely Jane from Villa Rustica.  On the cusp of our move, Jane & Greg purchased an early Indian console table, within weeks of arriving in Byron I was invited to see the spot they found for this piece in their unique home and studio.  
 It didn’t take long for us to realise that we had plenty to talk about, which was just as well as we were just about to spend a lot of time in recently completed studio :)
Little did i know that Jane was a passionate (& modest) creator of mosaic art...

Jane, a lover of all things animal, was unaware of the mammoth commission she was about to undertake…elements i love, mosaics, europe

From little things big things grow…

Jane took me under her wing and I became her most learned student – she loved the traditional style of the mosaic and it was her know how and skill that was going to make it look like the vision I had in my head. The ampersand was my first attempt at making a mosaic - immediately I thought genius!  Whilst she got on and actually made proper letters and started our creation.

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