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Whenever life becomes too much in the bay I retreat to the hinterland ... it's home to some of my favourite people and an insanely beautiful place.

How long have you lived in the Northern Rivers and what do you love about it? 

We moved to the Northern Rivers in 1992 and I love the vibrant and diverse community.  For more than 25 years Jane and I have been working towards what we are now doing -- crafting and creating in our own studios!

**Interesting fact: back in the late 90's Greg and fellow passionate art lover Janet McAuslan were instrumental in getting the 'ARTS' put into the Byron Bay Arts & Industrial Estate. Before that time it was like any other regional town with a industrial area full of mechanics, the tip and other business servicing the residence of the shire. 

How did you come to be an artist?

I started playing with clay in 2012, learning about different clays and making methods.

Who or what inspires you creatively?

Originality, colour and beauty. Ie Artists - Van Gogh, Morandi and Turner. This year I moved my pottery studio into the barn, its has been a long time dream - it's an open rustic space with great light and views - I feel inspired just walking through the doors. 

What materials do you use in yourpractice and what do you love about them?

I love the immediacy of working with clay even though there are a lot of processes before the finished product appears. I use different clay bodies and enjoy experimenting with glazes.  Also I've found joy in mastering the art of making multiple pieces. After each design element is resolved, a flow develops and the 'making' process becomes meditative.


Name five things you can't live with out. 

Art on the walls, books, good company, studio space and creativity...

 With Christmas around the corner and a topsy-turvy few years now is a great time to support local creatives
Get amongst it this weekend at the North Coast Mud Trail October 23/24
Find all the details here 

What was your inspiration for the installation in the upcoming Group Show at the new gallery space at Elements i love? 

The inspiration for the bottles resulted from researching how much water the WW1 Diggers were given as a ration – 1lt canteen. Despite being a utilitarian object the canteen has a personal connection to every soldier, and a timeless quality that I attempted to replicate. See you there!

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