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                            'Sustainability should be an action, not a theme.'
                                                           -Jóse Roca 23rd Biennale of Sydney

I was mesmerized by these quietly powerful grass portraits by English duo Ackroyd & Harvey

Serendipity played a part in me being at the NSW Art Gallery when Rivus opened in March; but I purposefully returned to Sydney in May to visit Pier 3, the MCA and the Cutaway to see the full range of commissioned works and site specific installations. 

an gold leaf and dark blue art work of the ocean made from fishing hooks, 23rd Biennale

These are a few highlights from various locations ... this one by Yoan Capote made with the unlikely combination of fishing hooks and goldleaf was swoon worthy.

Reflections about climate change, natural waterways, histories and cultural practices around water spirits, earthly and celestial beings ... Find more info and the full list of artists here:  https://www.biennaleofsydney.art/ art works on display at Pier 3, the 23 rd biennale of Sydney

 Many of the works are imagined ecosystems and highlight humans neglect of these precious life-giving resources. 'Rivus was the catalyst for many works in progress, and encouraged the use of non-polluting materials and production processes; advocating for locality, collectivity, collaboration and reduced waste; acknowledging the impact on the environment while aiming to lower it through the creative process.' Jose Roca.

compilation of artworks, 23rd Biennale of Sydney

'The Waterhouse asks to be experienced – with consciousness and care.'

 There is an ethereal beauty to a number of the site specific works commissioned for the Cutaway. 

 the cutaway, barangaroo

See simple and stunning curation and works at the MCA – an easy 10 minute walk from the Cutaway.

Find all the locations here 

Tapestry artwork, MCA gallery, Sydney

It feels like an incredible luxury to have artists, curators and beautiful spaces like this on our door step ...giving us to chance to think beyond everyday thoughts and problems. Adults and children will find equal pleasures, curated cabinets of scrimshaw and fishing lures, sit alongside whimsical large scale works and a 3D mirrored cube placed perfectly by the harbour in the Stargazer Lawn 🌿

Enjoy!. Grab an hour or two to wander through these places (*all free) and wonder about the creative minds who bring these forms to life.

 **And as you leave or enter (depending on which direction you came) on permanent exhibition is the beauty of Wellama, a 10 minute audio-visual welcome to country https://www.barangaroo.com/visit/barangaroo-reserve/wellama


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