Paulownia Series

Hand-crafted Paulownia timber surfboards by Tasmanian creative and surfer Issac Blyth. These highly decorative (& functional if you're good enough) surfboards are a celebration of surf culture and will make a striking statement to coastal interiors or add a beachy mood to inner city spaces.
Sizes:  Assym: 56cm W x 190 cm L   Fish: 60cm W x 172cm L   Golden: 45cm W x 160cm L

  "My work focuses on developing sculptural forms from natural materials that traverse along a wave face.  I work with a timber called ‘Paulownia’ due to its strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to saltwater. For functional purposes, I intermittently use endemic Tasmanian timbers, mostly Huon Pine and King Billy Pine to protect the nose of the surfboard. These timbers are resistant to water penetration, rot and are durable and workable. I use resin sourced from the ancient endemic Xanthorrhoea which seals the board forlongevity whilst giving the timber a rich ochre colour. " Issac Blyth

NB. Please note shipping/collection of unique objects require individual quoting please contact the warehouse for reputable transport carriers or to make arrangements re collection.


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