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It's going to take a lotta light ... to get us through the night


Lighting is mood-enhancing, room changing and ever so important.

The right lamp or pendant light has the ability to make an everyday space exceptional as well as setting the mood.

Some of the best interior designers use lights to their advantage; funky modern pendants in a traditional setting is the coolest of combinations.    

We love to source beautiful original lighting and custom create some quirky pieces of our own... see the current Collection here.

Whether it's the soft glow of hand-blown milk glass or the warmth of a textured fabric shade in just the right hue - lighting is an opportunity to create ambience.

Beautiful hotels and restaurants can afford to take their lighting seriously.  The Parker at Palm Springs  has created evocative interiors and exteriors at at every turn. Lighting creates atmosphere. When renovating the warehouse we took time to get the balance right. Building in the church window brought in loads of natural light; leaving other spaces darker and moodier.

 Lampshades in particular, can look vastly different when they are turned on/off, a key consideration in placement. Assess where a lamp might be an inviting addition to a room...the pattern and colour on the shade of this vintage ceramic lamp loses some of its detail in the darker area of the showroom. A good thing to keep in mind when buying lighting online.


Seek out corners and nooks where a little night light would be warm company after dark. (I'm a fan of the blurry photo - these ones I took at The Line in L.A

Don’t skimp on lighting, if you fall in love with a light you will never regret it.


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