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Windows can filter your view ...

A window is a portal to the outside world; allowing your thoughts to roam freely.

Salvaged windows are a great opportunity to add a unique and sometimes spectacular element to a space. Sourced on our travels from both near and far -  our windows are a rare find and truly one of a kind. 
Over the years we have sourced lead light and stained-glass windows from Victorian and Federation homes that were sadly being demolished. The original structures that housed these beautiful windows have been lost to time, but the charm still lives on. 
Leadlight and stained glass windows cast a beautiful filter on the light that comes into your interior and in some cases can hide the world outside - like a neighbours brick wall or washing line ...

When Elements I Love began the renovation on the store (read more here) it was our focus to incorporate as many salvaged and second-hand pieces to the space. From the striking to the small and pretty... like this hand-painted early Victorian (1890's) casement window. The leadlight has a few breaks but once the sun catches the delicate blossom you would never know. 

Not all pieces have to perfect – fragments of windows and small quirky finds can add simple charm to an interior or a studio. The mottled and coloured glass with names like English Muffle, Cathedral and Kosciusko are part of the charm of old windows. They soften the light and they have a somewhat magical quality ... but maybe that's just living in Byron :)

Find our recent arrivals here and think about using second-hand materials where ever you can... they can transform your space and add a truly decorative element to your interior. And its good for the world too. 

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